This expo began with an idea of Paranormal enthusiasts in mind. Angels and Aliens is Central Ohio's first Intergalactic & Life-Force Fusion Expo. It began as an expo called, "The X Fest".  The creator of the Gift of Light Expos began creating shows in 1988 because of Kelly Bowman's  love for the metaphysical, and through years of trade show experience added this show, "A&A".  As other shows were developing, this became a true passion and "one of a kind" show.  Angels & Aliens is a Science, Metaphysical, Paranormal, Supernatural and a UFO Conference all in one.  We are in our 5th year and have received first hand accounts on paranormal and close encounters that our guests have experienced. 

Angels and Aliens will include elements of Paranormal that will showcase keynote speakers, Robin Bellamy "The Mothman", keynote speaker Chief Golden Light Eagle on "Serpent Mounds and Star Symbols", and Susan Rawlings on "UFOs and E.T." , and Sybilla Irwin on Big Foot and Sasquatch.  Paranormal groups and Ghost hunters will be among the many vendors in the hall, along with  live entertainment, Scary Fairy face painter, and an intergalactic mural will grace the vendor area. There will be free seminars all weekend with the price of admission. The seminars will range from myths, crypto-zoology, mystical characters, paranormal, light beings, aliens, government cover ups, to the Moth-man and more!

Come tell your story at our open forum lecture during the show!

“All of you out there who believe in telepathy, raise your hand. All right. Now, everyone who believes in telekinesis: raise my hand.” —Dennis Owens


Psychic Science and UFO Conference


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